General Finishes "Chalk Style" Paint Review

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Recently I was given the opportunity to try General Finishes Chalk Style paint. They sent me a can to try out on one of my projects. I received the color Chapin Gray. I have used a few different brands
of chalk style paint before, such as Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint among others.

Chalk style paint is pretty easy to work with, a great starting point if you're new to painting furniture. It's a water based paint, so it tends to wash out of clothes, and wipes off floors if you drip. It's forgiving. You can also mix colors, or sand it down to get a cool distressed look. It dries in a matte finish that can be sealed with furniture wax, or a flat water based topcoat.

I picked this cute little side table to try out the chalk paint with. My mom found it at a neighbor's yard sale. Thanks mom! It's small and easy to work with, and I love that it had some carved detail that I can bring out with some glazing (you could use colored wax too!).

So here it is after my first coat. This paint is thinner then other chalk paints, which I like. I have watered down Annie Sloan's paint in the past to try to avoid paint brush marks. If you have paint markings on your finished project and you don't want them there, go over your project with a wet paint brush before you add your sealer. The can says to your project will need 2-3 coats, obviously here one is not enough. I set it aside to let it dry...and came back to it about 4 hours later.

Here's my table after a second coat. The color isn't even yet, so two coats won't be enough for my project. Running out of daylight, I'm letting it dry over night.

After my third coat I still wasn't pleased with the color evenness. I took a close up photo so you can see how the color still isn't quite even. It's subtle, but three coats wasn't enough either.

This project ended up taking four coats to get the coverage I wanted. For the top, I painted it with General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milk Paint, and then added an extra layer of protection with General Finishes Flat out Flat topcoat.  This set is currently available at Through the Barn Door in Fawn Grove, PA.  Feel free to send me a message if you are interested in purchasing.  I ended up doing the chairs in the same Chapin Gray. They would make an adorable setting in an entry way! 

Things you should know: I was not paid to write this post, but I did receive the paint free of charge to review.  I am not a distributer of any type of paint, and my opinions of this paint are purely my own and were not influenced by anyone. I keep it real. If you click on product links they will direct you to Amazon.  If you end up purchasing items you won't be paying anymore, but the blog will get a bit of a kick back to help it stay up and running.

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